Observatory bath to take in views of Sakurajima

A natural hot spring gushing from 950m underground.
Soak in the huge amount of calming water while taking in the views of Sakurajima.

Observatory bathObservatory bath

Observatory bath

Enjoy the natural expressions of the magnificent Sakurajima With changes time after time

The public bath (hot spring) is on the 4th floor of our hotel.
It’s absolutely a heart-soothing experience to soak in the spring water while taking in Sakurajima through a huge window.
Bath in a geothermal fog at night and take in the magnificent views of Sakurajima in daytime- it’s your perfect respite.

Welview’s hot springs

Welview’s hot springs

Take a bath and experience Kagoshima Along with its active volcanic activities

“Sakurajima” is an active volcano on land and “Wakamiko Caldera ” is another one under the sea.
“Kinko Bay” is blessed from the volcanic activities of these two sources, Such as the natural hot spring water gushing from 950m underground.
The water contains sodium, thus good for moisturizing, sanitizing, and sedating.
The hot spring is also named as “Curing hot spring” and “Hot spring for the injuries”.



Sweat and get wet at the sauna, Sooth your body and your spirit

There is a sauna at our observatory bath for your ultimate relaxation.
Sweat, get wet, and let your weariness be relieved.

Hot spring basic information

Spring water texture Sodium chloride hot spring
Function Neuralgia, muscle pain, chronical digestive organ pain, chilling, health enhancement, healing fatigue
Opening hours 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm & 6:00 am -10:00 am (*) Close at 9:00 am on Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday)


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